The 10% Give-Back

I have had the honor of visiting Africa 3 times. Each trip under different circumstances. Each visit left a very different impact on me for specific reasons. But specifically this past birthday - a trip to Lagos at the tail end of a trip to Brazil, left me changed. I wanted to do something when I got back home. 

A thought that kept cycling my mind was "If you want to change a person's future, give them their past". That thought is the one that fueled my desire to connect what I had been working on for some time to something bigger. 

Coming back to my community and doing something for the youth in my community is what the The 10% Give-Back is all about. It's important to start with the young. A sense of self-worth and value was what I was feeling I wanted to give.

So with that being said, the one idea I have is that 10% of all profits will go towards bringing to life a program that takes teenagers from my community and nationwide on a trip to Africa. A sort of Birthright Africa trip. 

"If you want to change a person's future, give them their past"

I want to give some kids the experience I had. But more importantly, one of their own. It may start small. One trip, with one kid. But it will grow from there. I promise you.

Chirp me with your thoughts...@blackonblackbk (Twitter) with #BXBBK10